Why Should You Pay For Premium Upholstery and Rug Cleaning Services?

When you don't take these specialized steps when you're cleaning your upholstery and oriental rugs (especially expensive, designer rugs) you risk permanent damage to your rug surfaces. You also risk incomplete soil soil removal, because the bottoms of rugs aren't adequately cleaned and vacuumed on both sides. Additionally, when it comes to rugs in high-traffic areas, Extreme Carpet Cleaning professionals highly recommend that you have your upholstery and rugs professionally cleaned yearly to prevent set-in staining or discoloration.

You could always cut corners and go with a bargain carpet and rug cleaner, but make sure that they're doing it right! Our upholstery and rug cleaning services always clean both sides of rugs, applying perfectly portioned amounts of cleanser while using the highest-quality equipment. Plus, our upholstery and rug cleaning services are completely bonded, licensed and insured so that you have the peace of mind you deserve when we're cleaning your valuables.

Our 12 (18 for Oriental or Expensive Fabrics) Step Process Ensures that Your Valuable Rugs and Upholstery Surfaces are Completely Cleaned:

STEP 1: Initial Inspection
STEP 2: Pre Inspection/Photo Documentation
STEP 3: Pre- Vacuuming
STEP 4: Dusting
STEP 5: Ensuring Color Fastness
STEP 6: Pre-Spotting Treatments for Set-In Stains
STEP 7: Pre-Conditioning
STEP 8: Fringe Pre-Treatment
STEP 9: Agitation for Chemical Distribution and More Effective Cleaning
STEP 10: Cleansing Rinse or Flush
STEP 11: Forced Air Drying
STEP 12 (ORIENTAL): Additional Fringe Cleaning and Correction
STEP 13: Grooming and Final Vacuuming
STEP 14: Application of Fabric Protection
STEP 15: Post Inspection
STEP 16: Roll and Secure
STEP 17: Customer Pick-Up or Extreme Drop Off Service
STEP 18: Rug Underlay or Padding

We even do specialty rug and upholstery services, such as urine decontamination, minor rug repair, blocking and deodorization! Just give us a call and give us a try! We offer great discounts for first time customers as well as FREE ESTIMATES.

If You Need Upholstery and Rug Cleaning Services, Give Us a Call at 949-878-6269 for Your FREE ESTIMATE.

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