Upholstry & Rug Cleaning

When you need upholstery and rug cleaning services, no cut-rate amateur is going to do. You need to hire affordable professionals who take a 12-step approach to clean (18-steps for oriental rugs or complex upholstery fibers). Our Extreme Carpet, Upholstery and Rug Cleaning Service team has been certified in upholstery cleaning since 1994 and has been recognized as one of the best, most educated professionals when it comes to upholstery and oriental rug cleaning services. After performing a thorough investigation, our qualified and certified technicians determine exactly what type of cleaning service you need, never suggesting more cleaning than absolutely necessary.

Luckily, our trained professionals can tackle virtually any stains or spills (because in many cases, your upholstery and rugs are very expensive and ordinate). Our staff can apply high-quality, professional grade Dupont's Teflon Advanced Fabric Protection services, ensuring that your fine fabrics and delicate upholstery, restoring your upholstery, fabrics, and rugs to new, pristine conditions that you probably never dreamed possible. In many cases, our clients even comment that they had forgotten what color their rugs and upholstery were!

On-Location Upholstery & Rug Cleaning Services vs. On-Site

Most oriental rug experts would agree that some fabrics and surfaces have to be taken in to have them properly cleaned. This is often the case when rug fibers or upholstery is very dense. Often, the individual fibers in rugs and other upholstery surfaces are much different than other surfaces. Sometimes, these surfaces are wool, pure cotton, silk, or jute. These materials have to be cleaned in a much more specific manner than simple carpet or microfiber upholstery.

High-quality, expensive oriental or shag rugs can have different backings than traditional rugs. These backings have to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that rug fabrics are cleaned completely until no dirt remains. Additional weaving and tufting also affects the ways that rugs are cleaned, and these kinds of fabrics need more attention that traditional broadloom fabrics.

Our high end cleaning technologies are sensitive to colors and foundation yarns so that your upholstery and rug surfaces retain their original glory and value. After your valuable rugs or furniture have been taken in through our 18-step cleaning procedure, they'll get the special attention that they need, as well as controlled drying and the use of tools, processes, and protectant substances to keep your valuables safe from life's little spills and accidents.

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